President’s Message

President’s Message

January 2018

I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  2017 was an exceptional year for the Nevada Chapter of APWA and I am happy to review with you a few of the successes we experienced.  Top 10 Professional Public Works Professional of the Year, Searingen Award Winner, Project of the Year Award, PACE award and Public Works recognition for certification for the City of Henderson Parks Department.  You can read about the awards in other parts of the Newsletter.  In addition to these national recognitions we also had a momentous year in Chapter awards and those can be read about in detail in other parts of the Newsletter.  There are also two new initiatives that we added for 2017 and that was the membership campaign where the Northern Branch barely won the new award for the “CANON” like the Freemont Cannon, the trophy competition between Nevada and UNLV annual football game winner.  We also created a new award that recognizes a young professional’s contribution to the Chapter in the Crystal Briscoe Spitfire Award to be awarded annually for one of our outstanding emerging leaders.  Wow!!  Thanks to Joy Guinn and her outstanding Executive Committee in conjunction with the two Branch Officers and of course the excellent Spring and Fall Conference Committees.  I am also taking this opportunity to Thank all our Members, supporting Agencies and Consulting firms for the contributions and support you have provided to APWA in Nevada and I look forward to working with you in the coming year.

Now for the 2018 events.  I believe in a vision of success for the Nevada Chapter of APWA that includes:

  1. Promote, advocate and support the mission of our Public Works Professionals not only at the state and national level but more importantly at the local level.
  2. Continue the prominent level of recognition for our Outstanding Members and the Contribution they make in improving the Nevada Infrastructure.
  3. Increasing our membership through exceeding their expectations of a Professional Association working for them.
  4. Making a difference in our communities through involvement and contributions to improving the quality of life for the public.

How do we accomplish this vision; It takes arduous work from a talented group of volunteers leading the Chapter, Branches and Conference Committees.  We look forward to hearing from you (our members) on ways we can exceed your expectations in the following events that are at the heart of what we provide to our membership.

    a) Training and Educational programs that includes our Monthly luncheons, Spring and Fall Conferences, Click Listen and Learn, National 
        PWX and educational programs.
    b) Celebrating Public Works Week.
    c) Advocacy with our state and local elected officials for improvements in lnfrastructure  Enhancing Programs, shared with other Professionals.
    d) Supporting involvement of our Emerging Leaders and Young Professional.
    e) Nominating outstanding individuals for both National and State Wards.
    f) Nominating our outstanding Public Works Projects for State and National awards.
    g) Celebrate our new members and keep the competition for the "CANON" alive and relevant.
    h) Support our yearly funding drives to support charity organizations in our communities.
    i)  Develop and promote our new Public Works Internship Partnering Program for four lnternships each year.


And this is only part of what we offer our Members and we know there is something for you that is beneficial for your career, your community, and supports our overall mission to be the advocates for the Public.  We are always looking for volunteers, become involved and make us better.  Challenge us, seek out members of the Chapter Executive Committee, the Branch Officers, and the Conference Committee members to share your thoughts and ideas.  We need your support and your input.

I learned a long time ago that the Nevada Chapter leaders subscribe to a motto that I have always lived by; ESSAYONS which translates to “Let Us Try”.  We are here to give you our support and I look forward to working with you to make your experience a rewarding and profitable one in your pursuit to improve Public Works in Nevada.


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