President’s Message

President’s Message

January 2017

APWA Nevada is a community of professionals focused on providing sustainable, valuable solutions for our local cities, counties, and municipalities. Our members are the constant responders that ensure there is clean drinking water, safe roads to travel on, and so much more that many of the public do not see or understand the value each of you bring to our neighborhoods. 

In 2003, I joined APWA not really understanding what this organization did or how it would be an integral part of my life. That year I volunteered as the print/mail co-chair of the Spring Conference so I could get more active, meet new people, and learn more about APWA. The last 14 years have demonstrated to me what this organization truly means and how much it can impact your life. Every chance I had I said, “Yes” when asked to volunteer whether it was helping on a committee to serving as a leader at the branch and chapter level. I have visited events at multiple other chapters and what we have created in our Chapter is quite honestly, very unique. 

I am humbled to take on the role and responsibility as President of the Nevada Chapter, I will continue to say “yes” to new ideas that will grow and support our membership, to more creative and innovative programs that will help educate our members, and the resources that will allow you to take your careers to the next level. Building connections, creating value, and advocating for public works will continue to be the focus for our Chapter in the upcoming year.

If you are considering APWA membership, now is the time to join and take advantage of all that APWA has to offer! When asked to pitch in as a volunteer, say YES – as you never know the doors it could open for you, the relationships it will create, and the new skills you might add to your professional toolbox. When all the membership benefits are taken advantage of the value attained through APWA will be immeasurable. 

Many thanks and gratitude to the leaders that have served before me that have been my mentors and friends to prepare me for this upcoming year. APWA is YOUR organization and I want to make sure you are getting the most out of your membership. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and suggestions to make our Chapter the best yet!

All my best,

Joy D. Guinn J


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