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Nevada Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Release NAC Revisions
At the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 the NVBPELS released two NAC revisions, R137-20 and R140-20.

R137-20 revisions relate to the following:  (view the pdf here)

  • types of experience that qualify for licensure
  • prohibitions on professional references
  • revised information required from an applicant
  • naturalization proof
  • fee revision for application of licensure
  • revised disciplines of engineering
  • requirement of certain record transmittals for licensure n multiple categories
  • licensure procedures for those previously licensed in certain other jurisdictions
  • requirements governing examinations for licensure to practice
  • failure to appear language
  • prorated initial license fee for biennial renewal period
  • requirement that each branch office of a firm be registered
  • requirement to file certain contact information with the Board
  • repealing certain provisions governing examinations 

R140-20 revisions relate to the following: (view the pdf here)

  • provisions relating to the stamping of documents
  • provisions relating to the electronic submission, release or issuance of certain documents
  • provisions relating to a licensee who seeks to revise original plans prepared by another licensee
  • provisions relating to the submission of plans or maps to a public authority
  • requiring the electronic mail address of certain firms to be provided in certain situations

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